Marketing Strategy

Our imminent goal for our clients isnot to only to spearhead the dominance of their respected market, but also create an icon brand. Succour engagement in Web-based marketing to generate awareness for our clientsand their products. Engage in outdoor advertising using the UK’s largest Bitcoin ATM network to bring overall awareness to the public at large and direct individuals

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Banner Ads

Banners Ads create an association between your brand name and a deep, authentic interest in supporting local, environmentally-friendly businesses

Banner Ads will feature on the following Pages of the website will include:

About us – Mission and vision of the store.

Locations page, divided by cities

Contact us – emails, hours, and contact information.

Individual shop pages

BCB Referral Program

Banner Ads will be the key to attracting new leads. The banner must be well designed, user-friendly and the necessary description of the brand. The banner will serve both business owners and consumers, so the design must be done by a hired professional with experience banner design.

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Social Media

Our social media postscan feature similar information to the website banners and Terminal Ads or with a few differences:

Social media posts will allow users to engage instantly with your ad by interacting, sharing, likes, dislikes and ideas, which can be answered directly by our management team.

Our follows will be invited to become your fans and followers of the page in order to receive additional updates of your product and services.

Discussion topics will be posted by management about your latest product or services.


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Website Marketing

Your material can be included in a variety of our printed marketing materials, including receipt paper and informational brochures. Banners can feature testimonials of how your company exceeds the expectations of clients by providing care and premier services.

Posting customer testimonials regarding positive services will be an excellent marketing tool. These testimonials can be placed on the website banners as well as the Terminal Ads where they can be viewed by potential customers.


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