Our Vision

Since establishing in 2015, BCB ATM have rapidly gained market share by providing establishments with Bitcoin ATMs, offering needed services, outstanding customer service, and innovation which in turn, spawned a considerable impact on the Bitcoin ATM’s user habits in the UK.
We have emerged as the leading Bitcoin ATM provider specially designed to meet the needs of the customers and Bitcoin ATM seekers. Our services at BCB ATM means high-quality Bitcoin ATM solutions, which are unique and makes the customer feel good, where customers are not only treated with a smile and courteous attention but enjoy the complete transparency of the process. We ensure to provide an easily accessible location for customer convenience.

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Our Main Focus

The BCB ATM web directory is a place for Bitcoin ATM seekers to find the services that they need. With internet-based and outdoor marketing as our channel to new customers.


High value, stability and high-quality solutions
Long-term relationships with clients


Retaining Customer Relations and partnerships
Attract and maintain new and existing customers
Ensure sustainable profits

Customer Focus

Although our primary revenue stream for the business has come from the sale of bitcoin ATM services to the general public and exceed the expectations of the customers, we have continued to make a cumulative impact on the buying patterns of customers.

A loyal customer base drives traffic to the site and Bitcoin ATM locations, so more advertisers can use the recognised brand as a way to promote the products they sell. Through our ATMs, we have advertisement space and products placement for companies that are looking forward to connecting with the demographic that BCB ATM has.

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Our Goals

We have maintained steady work on marketing after our launch in 2015, we have private relationships with other business owners and heads of relevant associations that can help BCB ATM in terms of visibility and direct referrals.
We can help your business achieve the following

Growing sales

Referred customers

Email newsletter

Maximise profits

Boost traffic

Customer Loyalty

Client loyalty


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